mPowered Development

Who We Are

mPowered Development (mPD) is the new name for an innovative technology social venture Initially founded in August 2018 as ChangeFunder LLC.  We are developing a new social networking and direct giving platform to help nonprofit organizations and benevolent individuals  connect to, engage with, and support causes, communities, and change-makers over a single mobile platform.  

Our Platform

The platform is called mPowered.  We’ve chosen that name because our platform is designed to leverage available mobile technologies to help empower communities through direct online person-to-person engagement between those with needs and those with willingness to give.  Our first delivery partner is; their instance of the platform is located at

Flexible Support

The mPowered platform's flagship platform is live in beta format in support of the eponymous non-profit organization, However, the mPower platform can be customized for other charitable entities under their branding to support more direct and engaged giving.